Heaven at the Edges

I’ve seen it

I’ve seen Heaven poke its toe in under the curtain

There where light meets water and waves dance glory

I’ve seen it where the sun peeks round the fireline edge of a cloud

Like a groom looking shyly for his bride

I’ve seen it at the place where spring kisses winter to bloom

And where green gives birth to cooling gold

I’ve felt its silk in newborn skin

And breathed its ache at the side of a grave

Where flesh meets clay and the veil thins

I’ve heard it catch in a throat as a sob becomes a laugh

And it’s risen out of flames where ashes end and beauty takes flight

Heaven’s horizon isn’t far off

It’s here and here and here

In familiar lines and creases

At the tips of fingers and in the pulse and stretch of hearts

It’s where we see

And the seeing pulls us thin like glass

And we’re shot through with truth

Just beyond

At the end of ourselves

And the beginning of all things

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  1. Sara Spoor
    Aug 4, 2017

    Beth, So beautifully expressed. Love how you write.

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